Childish Gambino Talks Favorite Drugs and Alcohol With Vibe TV [YouTube Video]

In this hilarious Vibe TV interview, Childish Gambino explained his drugs of choice at the moment. The Community actor turned rapper told the publication that his vices are very experimental, ranging from mushrooms to marijuana. “I fucking smoke like a chimney, I smoke weed all the time, I do edible all the time, I’m always high, I drink a ton.” He stated that whiskey is drink of choice, but he has cut back due to hangovers.

Surprisingly, the rapper revealed that him and Azealia Banks do drugs together, and he has plans of doing mushrooms with her. “Azealia Banks does drugs with me, we do drugs, she’s actually supposed to be doing mushrooms, when I come back she’s making mushroom smoothies with me.”

The new craze of weed in a wax form is also a favorite of Gambino, since it’s hard to detect and easy to travel with. “With wax, you really don’t know what’s in the wax…I think that’s the future of smoking,” he stated.

Gambino’s upcoming album, Because The Internet, is slated to be released on December 10. In the meantime, check out his collaboration with Jhene Aiko, and his awesome freestyle over Drake’s “Pound Cake.”

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Source: Vibe Magazine YouTube Channel

  • Townshipchessteam

    Thought he was a better person. Damn

    • Captain Kush

      Because he does that he’s a bad person? GTFOH.

  • Alec

    It doesn’t make him a worse person. It could show he’s in pain. You should be on his side. It’s not like he’s doing hard shit. He’s experimenting, haven’t you? Haven’t we all? Chill out. It’s not a completely bad thing. Just because you’re not used to the fact he smokes and shit is why it seems bad.

  • tXu

    he sounds like a kid in high school talkin bout me n azelia are supposed to make shroom smoothies next weekend lmmfaoo gtfo

  • Nathan

    I think this article is fake as fuck