Sturgill Simpson Austin City Limits TV Performance Highlights, 2015 [YouTube PBS Official Videos]


This Saturday, the long-running PBS live music show Austin City Limits will air an episode featuring the talented country singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson. Below, you can watch two segments of Simpson’s performance: “Life of Sin” and a high energy cover of The Osborne Brothers bluegrass tune “Listening to the Rain,” which segues into T. Rex’s “The Motivator.”

“Life of Sin” – Sturgill Simpson on Austin City Limits TV, 2015

Sturgill Simpson “Life of Sin” Lyrics

Lately things have been a little complicated
Quality of life has got me down
Sex is cheap and talk is overrated
And the boys and me still working on the sound

A little happiness, a little love was all I wanted
Sure as Hell thought I’d found it but I was wrong
She left my heart feeling taunted and my memories all haunted
But it’s her I have to thank for all my songs

So every day I’m smoking my brain hazy
All I can do to keep from going crazy
But the paranoia is slowly creeping in
I keep drinking myself silly
Only way for this hillbilly
And I thank God for this here life of sin

Every morning when I rise I look in the mirror and despise
The sight of everything and all that I’ve become
The level of my medicating some might find intimidating
But that’s alright cause’ it don’t bother me none

“Listening to the Rain” – Sturgill Simpson on Austin City Limits TV, 2015

The Osborne Brothers “Listening to the Rain” Lyrics

I’m looking out the window at the rain the night is driving me crazy
It’s just as cold inside all the warmth is gone without my baby
And in my mind something stirs and my lips start crying out your name
I’m sittin’ here wondering where you are and listening to the rain

The beating on the window can’t compare with the beating that I’m taking
The window’s gonna hold but look at me I’m already breaking
Mem’ries tugging at my heart and it’s gonna break beneath the strain
While I’m sittin’ here wondering where you are and listening to the rain

My mind has got you pictured in the arms and in the heart of some new love
I’ve tried to black it out but all my mind can see is him and you love
Knowing that it might be true that’s the thing that’s causing all my pain
While I’m a sittin’ here wondering where you are and listening to the rain
While I’m a sittin’ here wondering where you are and listening to the rain


Sturgill Simpson
Miles Miller – drums, vocals
Laur Joamets – guitar
Jefferson Crow – keyboards
Kevin Black – bass

“Life of Sin” is an upbeat honky-tonk tune with barroom style piano playing and Laur Joamets providing sharp guitar riffs. Sturgill’s vocals are throaty and energetic, perfectly suitable for the tune’s rhythm.

Simpson puts an interesting twist to “Listening to the Rain.” He manages to take the original song and put his infectious alt-country style to it while preserving its upbeat energy. He and the band then effortlessly shift into T. Rex’s 1971 “The Motivator.” With a slinky country rock groove, the band inject a ton of energy into the tune and carry it to a fevered climax before going back to “Listening to the Rain” to close out.

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The episode will debut on PBS this Saturday, October 17. Asleep At The Wheel will also be featured on the program, with special guests Amos Lee, Leon Rausch, The Avett Brothers, and The Quebe Sisters. For ore info, check out

For the latest music, news, and tour dates from Sturgill Simpson, check out his Zumic artist page.

Source: Austin City Limits TV YouTube