“Robot Stop” – King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard [YouTube Music Video]

Psychedelic rock band King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard just released the music video for “Robot Stop,” the third single off of their 2016 studio album, Nonagon Infinity.

The video consists mostly of red and black colors shown in grainy quality, although there are moments when yellow, white, and orange shine through. Visuals of various machinery are shown throughout, with the face of Stu Mackenzie, one of the band’s three vocalists, superimposed onto some of the robotic parts.

Nonagon Infinity is notable for the fact that each track continues directly into the next one without stopping. “Robot Stop” is the album’s first song, which flows seamlessly from the last song when the album is played on “repeat” mode, giving the effect of an infinite loop.

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Source: Flightless Records Official YouTube Channel

  • KG

    Just some constructive criticism..this post seems rather forced, and it seems obvious that the writer does not even listen to or hasn’t probably heard any of King Gizzard’s previous work. This album is much more than a simple gimmick that it can be repeated/looped. Please, anyone reading this go listen to I’m In Your Mind and this album then go seem them live. They are the perfect blend of punk/psychedelic if you love krautrock-ish type music. Also, the lead singer in the band is Stu, and it’s his face in the video. Ambrose sings on other songs like “Hot Wax” for example.

    • Zumic – Music News

      Thanks for your feedback. We have gone back and made corrections to this post. King Gizzard rocks!