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Wilco “Someone To Lose” Lyrics

Where you gonna go in your winter coat
I wonder what you’re hiding cause it’s not too cold
It’s already too late
Somebody’s gonna get you

And if I hold you too tight
Someone else won’t get to
Oh, wouldn’t you know it
I keep it rolling
Considering no one
Punching a path
Facing the blast and the moon and the math
But you still never know where your soul is attached
Oh, wouldn’t you know it
Ah, wouldn’t you know it

I’m so confused
I can’t move
I can’t even try

I hope you find someone to lose

Now where you gonna go like a cobra coiled
Sweating in a sweater, you got too much style
But you’re never alone
Some day they’re gonna get you

I hope you find someone to lose
I hope you find
I hope you find someone to lose

Ah, wait
Come back

Wilco have shared an animated music video for “Someone to Lose,” a track from their recently released album, Schmilco. Watch it above, courtesy of the band’s YouTube.

Directed by Joseph Baughman, the adventurous video takes us into an imaginary world starring a griffin-like creature, a worm, and a wedding party on a mission to recover the bride.

Schmilco is scheduled currently available on Amazon. For more music, news, and tour information about Wilco, check out their Zumic artist page.

Wilco Schmilco album cover art

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