“Impossible Tracks” – The Kills [YouTube Music Video]


The Kills “Impossible Tracks” Lyrics

I was carried away
I was carried away
I was moving too fast on impossible tracks
I was carried away

I was easily led
Because I’m easily led
By the moon, by the tide, by whatever you like
I’m just so easily led

Oh my shaking heart
You got me from the start
You got me good
Aim and take a shot
You got me til I drop
Like I knew you would

Oh you get what you give
I don’t regret what I did
Well if a real live liar can set you on fire
Then don’t you settle for it

Oh don’t you take me all this way
To bring me back to earth one day
I’m gonna roll on back on impossible tracks
And get carried away

Oh my shaking heart
You got me from the start
You got me good
You aimed and then you shot
You got me on the spot
Like I knew you would

Oh my shaking heart
You got me from the start
You got me good
You aimed and then you shot
Now I’m coming apart
Like I knew I would

There’s a full moon over Sunset
Got our feet in perfect stride
And we walk in perfect meter
While we hold our smiles inside
And we hold our smiles inside
Like we’re holding back the tide
And we stride in perfect meter
Like the sun won’t ever rise


The Kills “Impossible Tracks” Video Credits

Director: Ellis Bahl
DP: Alex Fischer
Editor: Vern Moen
Production Company: Wondros
Producer: Jess Langley

Take a rollercoaster ride with The Kills in their music video for “Impossible Tracks,” a song from their 2016 album, Ash & Ice. Watch it above, courtesy of the band’s YouTube.

The band shared a description about the video in a Facebook post:

Introducing our new video for “Impossible Tracks!” Shot by director Ellis Bahl, at Luna Park – the old weird and wonderful amusement park of dreams and nightmares so iconic to Melbourne, Australia. We’d always wanted to shoot there, so on our last tour down under, we took this fine opportunity.

Welcome to off season…winter time, blistering bitter cold, the park to ourselves all day and night. The lights buzzing, the gears cranking, a hallucinatory stream of whiplash and spin. We shot between bursts of monsoon weather and crooked wind, we rode the rides, played the games, and lost ourselves in the mirror house. Enter in, the guts of the park, through the mouth of lights, Luna’s pearly teeth, past the big bad gaze of those glowing blue eyes…Buckle your belts and take the ride on impossible tracks.

Ash & Ice is currently available on Amazon. You can also stream the full LP and read our review here on Zumic.

Previous videos the band has shared from the new album are “Siberian Nights,” “Doing It To Death,” and “Heart Of A Dog.”

For more music, news, and tour information about The Kills, check out their Zumic artist page.

Source: TheKillsVEVO YouTube