“Church / Liquor Store” – Saba ft Noname (prod. Cam O’Bi) [Official Audio Single]

Released: October 19th, 2016



They ask you what’s the cause and effect
Of doobies packed in that fat, now you calling collect
They booby trapping the trap
The police pulling a pulley you fall for it you silly
Putting you outta shape for grinnin’ you’ll catch a case
I can’t, relate to half of my relatives
My genetics is felony buying it or we selling it
They tell me tell a story I’m like “Why not mine?”
Shit everybody taking pictures I’m like “Why not Vine?”
And grew up from the ground jumping look like I’m a vine [?] There’s rarity in my realness, yeah I’ma find
Diamond in a rough type, rough type
Rough house in a road house like rugby
Lovely, when you hit a lick little kick like Chun-Li
Funny, kids that I hoop with all in county
County, black bodies hun ’em down look like bounties
Bound to, be on the block a little while longer
They your homies, this for homie
What don’t kill ya make you stronger
Call Obama
Jesus, Yeezus
He can save Chicago from the demons and the deacons
When it’s the end
Yeah, died in precincts since pre-teens
Let’s pretend we privileged not deceased and addicted

[Saba & Akenya] 
It look like funeral, church church, liquor store
Corn store, dread-head, dead leg get told 10-4, 10-4
From Cicero to Central
What’s dope, let it go
Yeah they know they get told
Yeah that’s church barber shop, bottle lock, dot
From the liquor store on Cicero
I ain’t 21 but you didn’t know

Bad habits of wrong places and wrong times
A stray bullet will take your firstborn like the tenth plague
I’m the new Pharoah of my phone line
Forever hoping for prayer to fall on soldiers ain’t fair when they in my pen
And I do thank God
They say preach like Cooley High
From beginning to end that’s Alpha and Omega
My city the same ghost that made Lupe cry
Soon as you loosen up your grip you lost and lose your life
I loosen a dread, from every time I gotta watch the cigarette smoke from outta my head
Like how I’m not dead
Going on 20 soon, they say I changed that’s a fitting room
I’m still the same kid that didn’t speak when we were in the school
I just got a mic now, I turned to a real nigga
I just knocked the white down, the fuck who you think I sound
Liked to a legend in the making like the director’s cut
Of I Am Legend and I’m fed up with the fuck comparison
These niggas don’t got the truth that y’all want do they
Think I’m lyin’ then plan a trip to Chicago today
I was 15, they was fucking with me
There’s no logic in love, but there’s no love in the streets

[Saba & Akenya] 
I look like funeral church church liquor store
Corn store, dread-head, dead leg get told sit low
Chalk outline, sketch you cannot sit outside where they want your neck
Yeah that’s church barber shop, bottle lock, got
From the liquor store on Cicero, I’m 21 but you didn’t know

They sold prison the way they pipeline
Systematically lifeline
Erase all niggas they saw bulletproof from the law law
About a citizen shot Willie Lynch doing crack now
Made the new letters shiny, now we pray King Kunta
I hope the grave don’t find me, I do my E&J kindly
I do my time when it’s timeless, sometimes the bible tastes like marmalade
My momma still sipping, Politician, old Donald Duck
Quacking new kitchen
They kept the melting pot inside the slave pot, watch
They gentrified your neighborhood no needs for cops, watch
Look at the yoga pants, coffee shops and yogurt stands
Consumerism, holy land
And on the other hand my momma like

[Saba & Akenya] 
It look like funeral church church liquor store
Corn store, dread-head, dead leg

Chicago’s Saba has released “Church / Liquor Store,” the first single off his upcoming Bucket List Project.

With a soft, soulful beat provided by Cam O’Bi, Saba raps nostalgic verses about his upbringing in West Chicago. While he reminisces on his youth, he remembers the dangers of the neighborhood and his delivery becomes more frantic and varies in flow with each bar.

Up-and-coming rapper Fatimah Warner, better known as Noname, delivers a powerful final verse about Black American racial oppression from slavery to its current state and living with issues that still exist from prison to gentrification.

Bucket List Project is set to be released on October 27. Pre-order right now on Amazon.

For more music, news, and tour dates, check out Saba’s Zumic artist page.

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