“To Be Without You” – Ryan Adams [YouTube Audio Single]


Ryan Adams “To Be Without You” Lyrics

It’s so hard to be without you
Lying in the bed, you are so much to be without
Rattles in my head that empty drum filled with doubt
Everything you lose, the wisdom will find its way out
Every night is lonesome and is longer than before
Nothing really matters anymore

It’s so hard to be without you
Used to feel something, and now only I feel humble
Stinging from the storm inside my ribs where it thunders
Nothing left to say or really even wonder
We are like a book and every page is so torn
Nothing really matters anymore

It’s so hard not to call you
Thunders in my bones out in the streets where I first saw you
When everything was new and colorful, it’s gotten darker
Every day’s a lesson, things were brighter before
Nothing really matters anymore

It’s so hard to be without you
Everyday I find another little thread of silver
Waiting for me when I wake some place on the pillow
And then I see the empty space beside me and remember
I feel empty, I feel tired, I feel worn
Nothing really matters anymore

Ryan Adams has shared a second single from his upcoming album, Prisoner. Listen to “To Be Without You” above, courtesy of Ryan’s YouTube.

The acoustic-driven tune is supported with a relaxed rhythm, and highlights Ryan’s skillful songwriting ability. “To Be Without You” is a tune that captures heartbreak with sincerity. The lyrics are actually very depressing, but the sweetness in the guitar playing keeps things feeling good.

Prisoner is scheduled to be released on February 17, 2017. Pick it up on Amazon. Earlier this month, Ryan shared the LP’s first single, “Do You Still Love Me?”

For more, check out the Ryan Adams Zumic artist page.

Source: RyanAdamsVEVO YouTube