“Summer” – Marshmello ft Lele Pons [YouTube Music Video]


Marshmello ft Lele Pons “Summer” video credits

Director: Daniel Burke
Creative Agency: 23FIFTN
Executive Producer: Daniel Malikyar
Producer: Karam Gill
DP: Casey Stolberg
Production Designer: Kendra Bradanini & Jake Collins
UPM: Jack Winter
Editor: Julian Conner & Alex Crosby
Colorist: Kinan Chabani

Electronic DJ Marshmello has shared a music video for “Summer,” a track from his 2016 album Joytime. Watch it above, courtesy of his YouTube.

Featuring social media star Lele Pons, Marshmello stars as an employee working at a skating rink during “Date Skate” night. Lele asks him to be his date, and although his grumpy boss teases him, things take a turn for the best.

Joytime is currently available on Amazon.

For more, check out the Marshmello Zumic artist page.

Source: marshmello YouTube