“Stash” > “Kung” > “Stash” – Phish in St. Louis, MO on April 14, 1993 [SoundCloud Audio]


Phish “Stash” Lyrics

Pulling the pavement from under my nails
I brush past a garden, dependent on whales
The sloping companion I cast down the ash
Yanked on my tunic and dangled my stash

Zipping through the forest with the curdling fleas
To grow with them spindles, the mutant I seize
I capture the dread beast who falls to his knees
And cries to his cohorts, asleep in the trees

Smegma, dogmatagram, fishmarket stew
Police in a corner, gunnin’ for you
Appletoast, bedheated, furblanket rat
Laugh when they shoot you, say
“Please don’t do that”

Control for smilers can’t be bought
The solar garlic starts to rot
Was it for this my life I sought?
Maybe so and maybe not

Phish “Kung” Lyrics


Rich in minerals
Rich in firth
Carry well ye martin lad
Fervent fourth
Now Fervent fifth
Forever arealm we cry
Be it ever so Voraciously alternate
We call upon your pulse

Can we stand?
Can we stare?
We can stage a runaway golfcart marathon!

Stand up
Stand up
Stand up on your heels and call
From the hills
From the hills

A new Phish archival 6-CD set titled St. Louis ’93. Above, you can listen to a jam-heavy “Stash” with the Gamehendge chant “Kung” sandwiched in beginning at around the 10:30 mark.

The St. Louis ’93 collection will include official recordings of Phish’s two concerts at the American Theatre (it was later renamed the Roberts Orpheum Theater and is now closed) in St. Louis from April 14 and August 16, 1993.

The full audio will be officially released on March 31, 2017 through the band’s Dry Goods webstore.

Recently, the band announced concerts in Chicago, Ohio, and Pittsburgh for July and a 3-night run at Dick’s in September. They’ll also be performing 13 concerts at MSG from July to August. Check Phish’s Zumic artist page for more info.

Phish St. Louis ’93 album cover art