“Born On The Wrong Planet” – The String Cheese Incident at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO on Mar 3, 2017 [YouTube Live Performance]


You ever get the feeling that you’re out there alone
no one can else can hear you, no one answers when you phone
you worry ’cause you can’t remember the name of the girl that you just met
might just be you’re born on the wrong planet

You know I don’t think that it could be something that you ate
’cause I just had the same thing too and man I sure I feel great
don’t you worry, it’s not something that you should regret
the thing is you were born on the wrong planet

I must admit that I’ve felt that way once or twice before
where I can’t think of what to say as I’m walkin’ towards the door
and for this strange feeling I have I cannot find a cure
I guess I was just born on the wrong planet

String Cheese Incident are still going strong after over 20 years.

Above you can watch a video of their recent concert at The Fox Theatre in Boulder. The song “Born On The Wrong Planet” is from the band’s 1996 debut album of the same name. The song has a funky vibe, even with Bill Nershi and Michael Kang leading the way on the acoustic guitar and mandolin. Over the 8-minute performance, there is a nice instrumental tradeoff as the Cheese apply a classic jazz jam session vibe to their unique blend of bluegrass, folk, and tropical styles.

Check out the full concert audio download officially sold by the band at livecheese.com.

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