“Hook, Line & Sinker” – Royal Blood [YouTube Music Video]


She’s got the devil on one shoulder
And the other’s getting colder
She looks so good but it’s not feeling nearly like it’s supposed to
Going sold
Going sold
Going gone

Then she drags me by one finer
To her lips
Hook line & sinker
Honey I’m a sucker when you linger
Give me everything I want
Cos you know
I won’t go
Till I’m gone

Say my name again
Tell me your caught in the middle
Caught in the middle
And you’re begging for me to stay
Cos every now and then
My love calls like a whistle
It calls like a whistle
And it’s blowing your mind again

Got you crawling in the shadows
To the smoke of the tobacco
Burning slowly out the window
And which every way it blows
There you go
There you go
There you go

I’m a slave to your addiction
Your affection
And your friction
I’ve got all the money to buy exactly what I want
But you’re not for sale
Honey no second chances
Oh no

British rock duo Royal Blood have released a music video to unveil the new song “Hook, Line & Sinker” — watch above on YouTube.

Directed by Ben Lowe, the video captures the excitement of a Royal Blood concert. Straight from the opening, the song is a powerful rocker. Mike Kerr’s dynamic bass playing is on full display, with a deep groove and exhilarating lead lines.

The song will be part of the band’s upcoming album, How Did We Get So Dark?, which is scheduled to be released on June 16, 2017. Pick it up on Amazon.

Previously, the band shared a music video for “Lights Out.”

For the band’s full tour dates and more info, check out the Royal Blood Zumic artist page.



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