“Holding On” – The War On Drugs [YouTube Music Video]


Once I was alive and I could feel
I was holding on to you
And I redefined the way I looked at dawn, inside of you
I went down a crooked highway
I went all outside the line
I’ve been rejected, now the light has turned
And I’m out of time

Ain’t no way I’m gonna last
Hiding in the seams
I can’t move the past
Feel like I’m about to crash
Riding on my line, keep keeping on

Once we were apart and I could see red
Never trying to turn back time
Never meant to bring my pain to the front and into your life
Now I’m headed down a different road
Can we walk it side by side?
Is an old memory just another way of saying goodbye?

Ain’t no way I’m gonna last
Hiding in the seams
I can’t move the past
Feel like I’m about to crash
Riding the same line, I keep keeping on

I ain’t never going to change
He’ll never get in line
I keep moving on the path
Holding on to mine
When you talk about the past
What are we talking of?
Did I let go too fast?
Was I holding on too long
Ain’t no truths from the past
As silent as the sea
Am I’m holding on too long?
But you’re right in front of me
And I’m moving on a cast
Shadows on my seam
I keep moving to changes

Heart or hope
Heart or hope
Heart or hope
Heart or hope


Directed by Brett Haley
Concept by Krysten Ritter
Starring Frankie Faison & Adam Granduciel

The War On Drugs have shared a touching music video for “Holding On,” the second single from their upcoming album, A Deeper Understanding. Watch it above, courtesy of the band’s YouTube.

The video stars actor Frankie Faison and The War On Drugs frontman Adam Granduciel. After seeing a white horse in his yard, Frankie heads into town, where he’s greeted with warm smiles. He spends some time at a diner and a pool hall before joining up with Adam and taking a trip down memory lane.

“Holding On” incorporates The War On Drugs’ breezy rock vibe with clean production, a strong sense of melody, and Adam Granduciel’s playful vocals. The track maintains an upbeat rhythm with strong bass and tight drumming. It’s easy to hear the influence of ’70s classic rock along the lines of Bruce Springsteen with chimes thrown in for good measure.

A Deeper Understanding is scheduled to be released on August 25, 2017. Pick it up on Amazon.

Previously, the band shared “Thinking Of A Place,” which was first released on Record Store Day earlier this year.

The War On Drugs will be heading out on a North America tour beginning in September. For more, check out The War On Drugs Zumic artist page.

The War On Drugs A Deeper Understanding album cover art