“Paranoiac Personality” – Alice Cooper [YouTube Audio Single]


Everybody’s got something hiding in the back of their mind
Everybody’s got something up their sleeve
Everybody’s got tangled wired tight as they can wind
And all of them trying to strangle me, yeah

I’m smelling a conspiracy
Telling lies about me constantly
They follow me, I see them there, don’t they know
That feeds my paranoiac personality

Everybody’s got vicious rumors dripping off of their tongue
Everybody can’t wait to see me run, yeah
Everybody’s got loaded stories, and I know for a fact
Everybody sees the bulls-eye on my back, yeah

I’m smelling a conspiracy
Telling lies about me constantly
They’re stalking me, I see you there
Don’t they know, that feeds my paranoiac personality

I’m smelling a conspiracy
They’re telling lies about me constantly
They point at me, they stop and star, don’t they know
They feed my paranoiac personality

My paranoiac personality
Paranoiac personality

Shock-rocker Alice Cooper has shared the first single from his upcoming album, Paranormal. Listen to “Paranoiac Personality” above, via YouTube.

Hushed voices and ominous sounds open the track before the song explodes with Alice’s sexy rock swagger as the drums kick in. Cooper delivers his vocals with attitude, as hypnotic guitar riffs and a solid bass line make for an instant classic. We can’t wait to hear more!

Paranormal is scheduled to be released on July 28, 2017 through earMUSIC. Pick it up on Amazon.

For more, check out the Alice Cooper Zumic artist page.

Alice Cooper Paranormal album cover art