The Avett Brothers Sing Heavy Metal on Jimmy Fallon [YouTube Video]


Jimmy Fallon knows how to have fun with music. On last night’s show, he got The Avett Brothers to go out of their comfort zone and play some metal songs for a hilarious skit. Check it out:

In this infomercial style clip we hear selections of “Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden, “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath, and “One” by Metallica.

It’s amazing how those songs are transformed, as the Avett Brothers employ their vocal harmonies, classic country basslines, slick pickin’ on banjo & acoustic guitar, and most of all the shred-tastic cello. It’s the mark of a great song that it can be reinterpreted, and it’s no secret that these are among the greatest metal / hard rock songs ever conceived.

Fallon opens with the hilarious line, “Do you enjoy the sinister and agressive themes of heavy metal music but wish it had a sunnier, more gentle sound? Well then, I’ve got the album for you: The Avett Brothers Sing Heavy Metal.” Another classic line: “That’s right. 25 heavy metal songs that you can actually play for your family.” So true.

Unfortunately, is not a real website. I would totally buy this album.