“Jealousy” – Migos [SoundCloud Audio & Free Download]

Atlanta threesome Migos are rounding out a strong 2013 (in which they put out debut mixtape Y.R.N.) by sharing singles from Y.R.N. 2. Preceded by “Emmitt Smith,” “Ran up the Money” and “Brokanese,” “Jealousy” is the latest. Click the “buy” link above to download the song for free on Sendspace.

Lyrically referencing Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments” (“the cheddar breeds jealousy”), “Jealousy” is the latest Y.R.N. 2 single to make light of the group’s newfound wealth. Then again, all of the Y.R.N. 2 singles we’ve heard so far do that. Enjoy the fame while it lasts Migos, you’ve earned it.

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From the “Jealousy” SoundCloud description:

Migos – Jealousy – Produced by Murda

YRN 2 mixtape coming in January!

Lobby Runners coming soon.

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