“The River” – Grown Up Avenger Stuff [ReverbNation Audio Stream + Lyrics]


Grown Up Avenger Stuff “The River” Lyrics:

If you look in the river just right
It looks like the sky at night
Just when you think you’re leaving town
You’re falling in and you’re starting to drown

The devil takes his own right on home
Said I was done because I lost all my money
That was pretend I’m not foolin’ nobody
The devil takes his own right on home.

I got no control
These things just spill out of my soul
It’s deep inside my veins
To deny it leaves me in chains

I tried to leave and go my own way
But god damn that demon can play
The devil plays my song all night long

I’ve got no control
These things move me in my soul
It flows right through my veins
To deny it leaves me in chains

The devil takes his own right on home [x2]

The latest winner of our ReverbNation contest are a hard-rocking quartet from Charlotte, North Carolina called Grown Up Avenger Stuff. Listen to their single “The River” above.

Lead vocalist Deirdre Kroener will draw your attention right away with her powerful vocals. Part Joan Jett and part Karen O, they have an edge to them and she sings with a raw energy. The instruments — performed by brothers John, Hunter, and Tyler Thomsen on guitar, bass, and drums respectively — are tight and crisp, crunching along mightily with the vocals. This song is infectious and tailor-made for large audiences.

You can listen to and buy their songs on their ReverbNation profile. Half of their song’s sales through the page will benefit the charity Love Hope Strength. For more on Grown Up Avenger Stuff, including news, music, and tour dates check out their website.

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Source: Grown Up Avenger Stuff ReverbNation