“Vampyre Blues” – Dead Day Revolution [ReverbNation Audio Stream + Lyrics]


Dead Day Revolution “Vampyre Blues” Lyrics:

I can’t get too far from home
Before I’m dead and gone
The color’s left your face
You head to outer space
You better run, run, run
Before you see the sun

You send shivers down my spine
This happens every time
You look at me with your disgrace
Because it’s me you want to taste
I better run, run, run
Until I see the sun

Now I’m really low
I’m in your grip, I know
All that’s left is blood
It’s all for you, my love
I better run, run, run
Before I see the sun
Before I see the sun
Before I see the sun
Before I see the sun

The latest winners of our continuing ReverbNation contest are Los Angeles rock trio Dead Day Revolution. Here’s “Vampyre Blues” from their debut album, On Our Own.

The song is a unique brand of hard rock blues. Its endearing chord structure is colored by shredding guitars from frontman Mike Sandoz and bassist Cristian Sturba, powerful drumming by Skeeter Joplin, and a touch of keyboards from guest artist John Thomas. Topping it all off is Sandoz’s vocals, raw and viscerally expressive, adding up to a solid new take on rock and roll.

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Source: Dead Day Revolution ReverbNation