20 Things We Learned About Jamie Foxx on his Sway In The Morning Interview Apr 21, 2015 [Official YouTube Video]

Sebastien Francois

by Sebastien Francois

Published April 22, 2015

Jamie Foxx stopped by the Sway in the Morning show to tell a few riveting stories about his career in comedy and music, and his Hollywood parties. Take a look at the 15 facts we learned from the comedian turned R&B superstar.

1. At one of his earliest comedy shows, Jamie tried to hand off a copy of his demo to new jack swing creator Teddy Riley and Guy while he was dressed as a female character he played on In Living Color named Wanda.

2. When Jamie Foxx told Teddy Riley that he was a singer and not a just comedian, Riley said, "Impossible."

3. Jamie throws parties he calls, "On My Balcony," where he invites several mainstream artists to perform and record music at his house.

4. He first met Kanye West at his one of his parties.

5. Kanye and Jamie's first song together, which was Twista's 2004 hit "Slow Jamz," was not a favorite of Jamie's. He thought the song was "Wack" and also thought Kanye would not be successful. The song ended up peaking at #1 in the country.

6. "Slow Jamz" jump-started Foxx's successful mainstream music career.

7. He once pretended to be a cameraman to get into one of P. Diddy's lavish parties.

8. After Diddy told Foxx that he spent $1.5 million on the party he attended, Jamie told Diddy he can throw a party for $400 that can match that. This started his "On My Balcony" parties.

9. Jay Z and The Neptunes attended one of Foxx's parties at a time when they weren't well known in Los Angeles.

10. After his parties would end, he would hold an event at 6 AM called the "New Artist Hour" where all the upcoming artists showcase their talent.

11. Suge Knight showed up at one of his parties and Foxx was scared to tell him that he couldn't come in.

12. Jamie Foxx's upcoming album is called Hollywood. It will be released on May 18th.

13. Foxx was not originally featured on Kanye West's 2005 hit "Gold Digger" but Foxx's manager Breyon Prescott said that the song will be "wack" without Foxx on the hook.

14. Foxx thinks "Gold Digger" is one of Kanye's most brilliant songs.

15. Foxx has a close relationship with R&B star Chris Brown.

16. O.J. Simpson showed up at one of Foxx's parties, making a few of his guests uncomfortable.

17. Eddie Murphy, Johnny Carson, Richard Pryor, Steve Allen, and David Brenner all influenced Foxx's comedy career.

18. Foxx won Grammys for "Gold Digger" in 2006 and "Blame It" in 2010, but he says winning a Best Actor Oscar for Ray in 2004 was more gratifying than winning the Grammy awards.

19. After learning of his Oscar nomination for Ray, Foxx was partying a lot and getting into trouble, not thinking he would win the award. Oprah told Foxx, "Jamie, you got a real opportunity to win this, but you gotta slow down." This led to Oprah bringing him to a party at Quincy Jones' house to meet elite black Hollywood actors from the 1960s and '70s who were all rooting for him to win.

20. At that party, Sidney Portier told Foxx to be responsible and to do the right thing. After that, Foxx stopped going out and partying as much.

For more music, news, videos, and tour dates from Jamie Foxx, visit his Zumic artist page.


Source: SwayUniverse YouTube Channel

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