Andrew W.K. Is The New Face Of Playtex Fresh And Sexy Wipes

…no seriously… The ever strange and entertaining world of Andrew W.K. just got even stranger, as Playtex recently announced Mr. W.K. as the “face” of their new brand of sex napkins.


“Whether you just finished rocking a packed club or have an intimate encounter after a busy day, this product will make couples feel brand new. Fresh + Sexy Wipes were specially designed to help couples feel confidently clean, before and after they engage in sexual activity!”

See? Sex napkins.

“This exciting new product required the help of someone who could embody the brand’s playful yet bold campaign; someone who could party hard, but still be clean when it counted.”

“Yes, yes,” you may be saying, “this is all well and good, but is there going to be a Andrew W.K./Playtex Sex Napkin Party at SXSW?!?!?!” Of course there is! What kind of sex napkin campaign do you think this is?

 “Look for W.K. and Playtex to appear together during the official Fresh + Sexy Party at SXSW Interactive… As master of ceremonies and the Playtex brand ambassador, W.K. will also invite people to come clean in a one-of-a-kind confessional booth, a setting to tell stories about those exciting and spontaneous moments where they could have used Fresh + Sexy Wipes.”

Not only will there be a SXSW party, there will be an interactive SXSW party.  An interactive party where people get on stage and tell strangers stories about their dire need of a quality sex napkin.  And people say SXSW has jumped the shark!  At least that shark is staying fresh and sexy y’all.