“Monomania” – Deerhunter [Live Performance On Fallon]

Atlanta’s art-rock/noise-punks/fantastically-awesome-weirdos Deerhunter returned to the spotlight with a huge and intense “freak out the squares” performance on Fallon last night. Bradford Cox wore a wig, appeared to have recently lost some fingers (this is part of a new persona called Connie Lungpin… or Bradford has finally lost it) and staggered out of the studio while the band jammed on the end of the song.



“Monomania” itself is five fantastic minutes of fuzzy, distorted punk that is uniquely Deerhunter and makes me somehow even more excited for their record of the same name, which is out May 7th via 4AD. The band recorded the album in Brooklyn and has said that the “avant garde rock record” was influenced by everyone from The Ramones to Bo Diddley to Steve Reich. Check out the absolutely wild performance below:

For people shocked by this, Bradford once responded to a heckler’s shouts for “My Sharona” by bringing the man onstage, demanding he get naked and then playing the song… for 55 straight minutes.

Via Jimmy Fallon