Woody Guthrie Center Opens in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday 4/27


Deana McCloud uses the interactive map at the brand new Guthrie Center (Justin Juozapavicius / AP Photo)

Woody Guthrie gave people hope. He was in touch with the common people. He understood the past. He opened the door for the greatness of the future. He’s an American hero. It is fair to say that the Woody Guthrie Center is the polar opposite of the George W. Bush Library (which is set to officially open later this year).

The 12,000-square-foot Woody Guthrie Center is set to open on Saturday 4/27 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The research library and exhibition space officially says:

The Woody Guthrie Center, home to the Woody Guthrie Archives, preserves his legacy and life story and communicates the social, political, and cultural values found in his vast body of work. The Center is a repository for Woody’s writings, art, and songs and an educational resource for teachers and students everywhere.

The archives look absolutely incredible. First of all, genuine notebooks and folders filled with hand-written lyrics to songs like “This Land Is Your Land” and “Pastures of Plenty” (among many others):


Then there’s drawings, books, photographs, manuscripts, letters, and scrapbooks:


Click here to check out the official Guthrie Center website.

Via: The New York Times