Avril Lavigne Reveals Cover Art For Self-Titled Album


Pop princess Avril Lavigne is preparing to release her 5th album this fall, and has finally revealed not only its title, but also the cover art. She announced on Instagram that the record will be self-titled, and shared the dark Avril Lavigne cover, a simplistic closeup of Lavigne, washed out and wearing lots of black eyeliner. The artwork is dramatic and stunning, and a major change from the pink-streaked hair and fun image of her last two albums.

Avril Lavigne will include lead single “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” as well as her latest track, “Rock N Roll.” Lavigne previously revealed two collaborations on the album, including a duet with her husband and Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger, on “Let Me Go.” Marilyn Manson will feature on a heavier track entitled “Bad Girl.” Fans can also expect plenty of piano ballads and string arrangements in addition to the pop singles.

Avril Lavigne is expected on September 24th on Epic Records.

Via Billboard