Napster Documentary “Downloaded” Available For Streaming [Full Official Film]

Downloaded, the documentary film by Alex Winter, made its debut at SXSW this year and is now available for streaming.

The film explores all angles of the Napster controversy, from the inception of the file sharing service, to the lasting repercussions. In the almost 15 years since Napster’s launch, the music industry has changed drastically, due in no small part to the framework laid out by the service. In the documentary, you can watch how things have evolved and how Napster shaped the future of music.

Watch the full film above. And yes, as we pointed out when we saw Lars Ulrich’s testimony, Alex Winter is better known as Bill S. Preston Esq.


  • Russ

    Best part of the movie: “Five hundred million dollar hole… and it’s all Sean Parker’s fault.”