Mark Adkins of Guttermouth Drunkenly Punches Female Fan In The Face [YouTube Video]

Last night, October 7th 2013, punk band Guttermouth played at Hodi’s Half Note in Fort Collins, Colorado. Following a drunken attempt at performing their songs, an altercation erupted during which singer Mark Adkins punched a female fan in the face.

Eyewitnesses provide varying accounts about the cause of the onslaught (some say the singer was down in front of the stage and instigated the incident, others insist the clash started when the girl jumped onstage), but the videos show the melee from multiple angles. Adkins was then reportedly pulled into the crowd where he exchanged blows with more fans.

The concert was stopped early when staff announced that the police had been called, although the Fort Collins Police Department reported that there were no calls from the venue. No arrests were made in connection with the brawl.

The videos below show a few different angles of the incident and a drunken Mark Adkins lying on the stage.



Stay tuned to Zumic as further details emerge. Let us know in the comments if you have anything to add.

  • Corey Hart

    In the third video, it kinda looks like she was trying to hug him, and he freaked out.

  • Longfellow

    Good. Maybe that shitty band will stop playing in Ft. Collins.

  • david

    I was there, he could not even perform he was so trashed…. then someone pulled his gym shorts down on stage while he was singing (probably just got snagged). Who wears gym shorts to a punk show? so after his deformed lookin nuts were exposed he lost it and started attacking his own fans.
    Don’t waste your time with this washed up crap band.

    • dinguskahn

      who where’s gym shorts to a punk show? Quite a few people.

      • Johnny Quest

        Henry Rollins, is one notable.

    • carreau

      Many drummer !! the gym shorts is very snug and aerate ! lol ! What could he say ?

  • sharplittlebyrd

    I’m the girl in the video. I got up on stage and punched him first because we were all pissed that he was being such an asswipe. My friends were down in the crowd and pulled him in afterwards.

    • someguy

      badass and was great to see.

      • sharplittlebyrd

        Haha, thanks. It was fun. I’d been itching for a fight for a while already, so it was a good excuse.

        • someguy

          When do I get to take the woman out who punched mark in the face on a date?

          • sharplittlebyrd

            Haha, thanks. I appreciate it, but I’ve got a boyfriend.

          • Quike Martinez

            hi im from monterrey Mexico

    • the2ndcomingmessiahofpunk

      you and your friends saw a historically snotty punk band, got butt hurt when they were snotty and decided to attack him? Not saying either of you were right, (from all the videos with the incidents leading up to it) it seems like your friends didn’t like being told they weren’t oh so cool looking like everyone else.

      • sharplittlebyrd

        My boyfriend and I went for Agent Orange, not Guttermouth. I did it because I felt like it, not because I was SOOO insulted. I’m pretty sure the same goes for everyone else.

    • Brian

      I think it’s funny that you come on here to brag about how you are the person who punched him in the face. Now, if he wants to press charges and sue you there is all this evidence against you. So what if he was being an asshole. He has been an asshole for the past 30 years! You go to a Guttermouth show and you expect that he is going to be an asshole. Do I like Guttermouth? No because I am not a 15 year old kid anymore who thinks homophobia, sexism, and racism is funny. Would I punch him in the face? No because I am not going to stoop to his level and become just as big of an asshole. Well, I hope you’re happy you got all this negative attention to feed your egocentric needs.

      • sharplittlebyrd

        Thanks, Mr. Pseudo-lawyer/psychologist. I appreciate the self-righteous legal advice and psych eval. What evidence? A comment on some website is not “all this evidence” against me. For all they know, I could just be posing as her. If you’d read my other comment, you’d see that we went to see Agent Orange, not Guttermouth. I really don’t give a shit about them. If people think I’m am asshole, so be it. It was a punk show. That’s what happens. I think it’s funny that you come on here to brag about what high moral ground you’re on. I’m sure you’re a total saint.

    • Cindy

      You’re stupid it isn’t called Guttermouth for nothing… If you can’t handle it, stay the fuck away!

  • carreau

    Nice job ! the girl who spoil all the rest of the concert sorry for all the present people, it’s selfish and so shame for all people and artists … futhermore I don’t know what did he said, but he had to say something very hard in order that you are getting angry like this !