NYC Roseland Ballroom to Close in April 2014


According to an internal e-mail acquired by Billboard, Roseland Ballroom will close in April 2014. While an official reason for the closing of the 3,500-capacity venue hasn’t been cited, Billboard speculates that it might be “related more to property values than the venue’s bottom line.” An official statement from Roseland Ballroom or LiveNation confirming or denying the news has not been released.

Since becoming a music venue in 1958, artists from a wide range of musical genres have taken the stage at the Broadway and 52nd Street location including Nirvana, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, and Beyonce. It has survived disco, the death of a teenager in 1984, and renovations in the mid 90’s. This past April, Steve Buschemi directed Vampire Weekend’s live webcast at the Midtown Manhattan venue.

Roseland Ballroom currently has concerts booked through February 4 with performances from Fitz and the Tantrums, Pretty Lights, New World Punx, and Panic! At The Disco. Tickets for upcoming shows can be purchased through LiveNation.

via Billboard