Lady Gaga Interview & Performance on Howard Stern [Full YouTube Audio]

Lady Gaga took part in an epic interview with Howard Stern for almost two hours and the full audio was posted on Howard’s official SoundCloud earlier today.

Editor’s note: The SoundCloud has been taken down, but it is available on YouTube above.

A lot of things were discussed, including Lady Gaga’s love life, clothes, drug use, money, the music industry, Radiohead, the infamous meat dress, gay activism, being godmother to Elton John’s kids, partying and jamming with Elton John (unfortunately there aren’t any recordings), her boyfriend (Taylor Kinney), life on the road, Madonna, feud with Perez Hilton, and life as a fabulous pop star.

Of course Howard Stern gets right into the interesting fun material. Half an hour in, Gaga sounds like she’s really having fun unwinding and sharing her thoughts as opposed to the typical press tour 5 minute interviews that come with releasing an album like ArtPop. When Howard starts asking about her sexual relationships, she does hold herself back and say she doesn’t want to “kiss and tell” which must have been a disappointment because Howard was probably hoping to get her on the sybian.

Beginning at 1:19:30, Lady Gaga sang a few songs solo while playing piano:

Edge of Glory

Source: VD Vault YouTube Channel

Lady Gaga on the Howard Stern show Tuesday November 12, 2013
Lady Gaga on the Howard Stern show Tuesday November 12, 2013

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