The Best Punk Rock Music Videos & Songs From 2014 [Zumic Staff Picks]

The best punk rock music videos and songs of 2014? That's a hard one, given the underground nature of the punk music scene and the loads of impostors out there. We gave it our best shot. Let us know what your favorites were in the comments section below!

“Over Our Heads” – OFF! ft Jack Black [YouTube Official Music Video]

OFF! are doing for rock what Run The Jewels are doing for hip hop. Headed by Keith Morris, these journeymen bust out hardcore punk that deserves your attention. With four awesome music videos in 2014 -- including this 2-parter featuring Jack Black -- OFF! owned it in 2014.

"Meet Your God" - OFF! ft Jack Black [YouTube Official Music Video]
"Red, White, And Black" - OFF! [YouTube Official Music Video]

Nazi-bashing with Brian Posehn? Hell Yeah!

"Hypnotized" - OFF! [YouTube Official Music Video]

This one is fucked up and hilarious. David Yow stars as our anti-hero.

OFF! weren't the only guys who made awesome punk rock music videos in 2014. Check these out...

"Miserable Failure" - Iron Reagan [YouTube Official Music Video]

Iron Reagan are definitely a band to watch out for. This one was filmed in Portland and features a cameo from Red Fang.

"Talk Shit, Get Shot" - Body Count [YouTube Official Music Video]

Ice T and Body Count brought thrash to the streets. The intro section is what really makes this one great.

"Institutionalized 2014" - Body Count [YouTube Audio Single + Lyrics]

Their version of Suicidal Tendencies' "Institutionalized" was another rage-filled, hilarious highlight.

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