Thirty Seconds To Mars Asks Fans to Get Song Lyric Tattoos to Appear in New Video

Zumic Staff

by Zumic Staff

Published July 25, 2013


30 Seconds To Mars may have gone too far this time. To support their recently released album Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams, the band is getting ready to make a lyric video for a song on the album, "Do Or Die." Fans have a chance to be in the new video, all they have to do is submit a video entry, but there is one catch, the video must be of the fan getting lyrics of "Do Or Die" tattooed on their body.

The band started the video "contest" with a post on their website on Tuesday. In it, the band requests that all video submissions capture the tattooed area before ink, the fan saying "I am the Echelon," the tattoo being done, the finished tattoo, and an explanation of why they are getting it — we assume it has to be something more than "I get to be in the video now, right?"

The strangest request, however, may be that the band requires all videos to be submitted by July 29th, which, for those of you who are calendar challenged, is less than a week away. The band seems to be very plainly asking their fans to do just what the song suggests, "do or die." We just hope that whoever takes the plunge actually gets to be in the video.

A lot of fans are outraged by the band's request, and have taken to the discussion board on the group's website with disbelief, and concern for younger, more impressionable fans.

Many comments, like the one below, called out the band for asking too much, and urged other fans not to participate.

"Its absolutely irresponsable and probably the worst thing Mars has ever done. Giving fans a week time to get a tattoo of some random song? People should choose their own lyrics. Lyrics to a song that means something. You need time to do that. Any tattoo artist who can give you an appointment within one week.. lol, I would not suggest to go there.
A tattoo should not be done because of this. Not because Mars told anyone to do it. Not because of being in a video. Sure, they didnt force anyone to get a tattoo, but they know exactly how to manipulate fans in doing something heavy to get noticed. I hope fans won't join this shit so that Mars realises that they crossed a line."


Some fans support the band's decision, saying that no one has to enter of they don't want to.

"Leave Jared alone guys!!! It's a brilliant and unique idea and there is no coercion involved!!! Minors can't get inked anyway! Only those of us that were already considering doing this will do it as we are adults that understand its for life!! So relax everyone and show the boys some love!! Count me in, all the way from Australia!!!"


You can see the full band request and the official lyrics on 30 Seconds To Mars' website.

According to NME, representatives of the band have been contacted, but have not responded about the plans for the video.

This isn't the first time that 30 Seconds To Mars has been accused of exploiting fans. Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari has also criticized the group for charging fans for meet and greets after shows. He took to Twitter with a series of posts calling out the band, one of which is below.

The video for "Do Or Die" will probably be out some time last month if it comes out at all, but the release will be bittersweet. Hopefully participants know what they're doing.


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