The 8 Hardest Partying Music Videos of 2013

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published December 5, 2013


2013 has been a year of hard partying music, but the videos below are the cream of the crop. There have been some shameful attempts at being party incarnate, but this list will show you how we do things in 2013. Some of these are NSFW, so if you play them at your office Christmas party and get fired, don't say we didn't warn you.

8. "Women & Work" - Lucero

Lucero's "Women & Work" isn't #8 because it's the least party on the list. Far from it. It's here to kick the party into high gear. This video is the equivalent of pre-gaming by drinking a liter of whiskey, and then tearing a van apart with a backhoe and throwing it into a lake. Did I mention these guys tear a van apart with a backhoe and throw it in a lake?

7. "Sausage Party" - Jimmy Kimmel

Ok, maybe this one is a little intimate for some people, but let's face it: We've all found ourselves at a sausage party and you can only make the best of it. Inviting Alice In Chains to join you like Jimmy Kimmel did will certainly help. Plus, sausages are delicious and you should probably eat prior to consuming this much alcohol.

6. “I Could Be The One” - Avicii vs Nicky Romero

To do list:

1. Not give a fuck.
2. That is all.

5. Dizzee Rascal - I Don't Need A Reason

Every party doesn't have to be a rager, but if it isn't, you'd better class it up something fierce. When it's time to do something fancy, just make sure you're still partying hard. Whenever you're in doubt, dress in Victorian-era costumes, lean back, and chug endless jugs of wine.

4. “College Gangbang” – Wilson

This video reaffirms two cardinal rules of party: Firstly, the dude in spandex always parties harder than you do. Secondly, don't bring a fist to a tambourine fight.

3. “Cocaine” – FIDLAR

You don't need other people to party. All you need is few forties of Mickey's and you can have a one man party. This breed of partying isn't for everyone, though. If getting hammered alone and pissing on the whole world isn't for you, you can go ahead and skip to the next one.

2. Andrew W.K.'s 24-hour Drumathon

Andrew W.K. would have made this list even if he hadn't done anything amazing this year, but he partied all day, everyday anyway. How hard did he party? He set the world drumming record by playing for 24 hours straight. None of this "rock and roll all night and party everyday" shit here. Rock, roll, and party simultaneously and constantly. Then you're ready to become party incarnate and move on to the #1 partiest video of 2013.

1. “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” – Steel Panther

If you think you like to party, think about what you'd do with your final hours on Earth. If you thought of anything but the contents of this video, you need to go back to bed. You are not party. However, if this video is relevant to your interests, try to recreate it every single day, because after all, it could be the end of the world.

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