"About That Life" - Attila [YouTube Official Video]

Jimmy Haas

by Jimmy Haas

Published August 1, 2013

Honestly, there's really nothing that anyone could say that could possibly prepare you for this video. If you've heard of Attila, then you may understand. If you haven't, then everything you once thought you knew will no longer matter.


Attila is a self-described "party metal" band from Atlanta. And yes, it does sound a great deal like metal for the most part. But if you were to throw in lyrics that were from the worst rap song you've ever heard, along with all the rap video cliches, then you would be left with Attila. There is a 90 percent chance that this is the worst thing anyone has ever done, but there is also a 10 percent chance that it is the best thing anyone has ever done. Attila might be incredible satirists, but more likely they are just terrible people.

The music may be metal, but the vocals switch back and forth nonchalantly from rapping to death metal growls. Looking into the face of frontman Chris Fronzak, also known as "Fronz" (which is coincidentally much worse than any mean name anyone could come up with), you could never imagine these sounds coming from him. Though the studded shoulder pads on his shirt may have you asking even more questions.


The scenery varies in the video, starting out in a lovely driveway at a house somewhere in the suburbs, where these gentlemen most likely grew up. There is a staircase in which a great deal of screaming, dancing, and though it didn't appear in the video, definitely some crying happened. There's also the obligatory party scene, but the fact that Attila is the center of this party make it different from other rap videos. Or any videos, really.




In a vast ocean of moments that make you question your sanity in this video, if I really had to pick out one, it would be the strangely androgynous guitarist in the band.


It could just the overwhelming amount of masculinity attempting to be displayed by Fronz, as well as the other three guys in the band, who are noticeably absent from the video for the most part. That, paired with the highly over-sexualized women also present throughout the video. It's just this one s/he-person in the middle of it all that stands out and is really the only thing that isn't as in-your-face as the rest of the video.


Really, at the end of it all, it's good to have seen this. Not only because I now know that I could never do something this horrible to people, but also because it's just hilarious. Maybe we're laughing with Attila, or maybe just at them, but either way, we're laughing. And if music can't be fun, then what good is it?


You can get their new album, About That Life, on iTunes now. I guess. If you really want to.

Via: Revolver

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