"Actin' A Fool" - Pokey LaFarge at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Aug 25, 2015 [YouTube Official Video]

Zac Lavender

by Zac Lavender

Published October 12, 2015

In this stellar performance video from the historic Grand Ole Opry, St. Louis roots musician Pokey LaForge brings down the house with his unique blend of rockabilly, classic country, and blues.

"Actin' a Fool" thematically recalls the late Hank Williams' tradition of getting drunk as a skunk in order to cope with loss. At times, Pokey contributes his own poetic and intellectual perspective to the genre:

Everyone has a story, every song has an end
Now I am finished and I won’t sing again
I’ll drink myself green, don’t mind that money I spend

Pokey does not simply rely on the lyrics to drive the tune, he also incorporates some killer musicians to fill in on solos (the harmonica solo has got to be one of the best I've heard this side of Blues Traveler). Pokey's retro-sounding vocals are reminiscent of of Jerry Lee Lewis while the groups' harmonies during the chorus have an earthy, Coasters vibe to them.

Something In The Water is available on Amazon (Vinyl, CD, MP3). You can also stream the album for free and read our review right here on Zumic.

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Source: Grand Ole Opry Official YouTube Channel

Pokey LaFarge
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