"Blue Chips 2" - Action Bronson & Party Supplies [Free Mixtape Stream & Download]

Brad Bershad

by Brad Bershad

Published November 1, 2013

Action Bronson's latest mix tape, Blue Chips 2, was released today and it's available as a free stream (above) and download. Initially it was supposed to be released the first day it rained in November but then it was moved to November 1st. Bronsolino turned out prophetic, as there's a 100% chance of rain in the NYC forecast today. There's also a 100% chance of satisfaction from this mix tape, which has 19 tracks over 53 minutes.

Bronson goes hard. Party Supplies lays down some deep grooves. This is some really good stuff.

Guests include Big Body Bes, Meyhem Lauren, Ab-Soul, Mac Miller, Retchy P, and Jeff Woods. There's also a hilarious Applebees commercial sample featuring Bobby Knight at the end of "It Concerns Me" that goes into another great sample, the classic Allen Iverson rant about "We talkin' about Practice?!?" Basketball season is in effect, and Bronson's got his finger on the pulse of the athletic community, for sure. We find out on "9.24.13" the real reason why Patrick Ewing and the Knicks were never able to win that elusive NBA championship.

The transitions between tracks are generally really clever and funny, matching the wit of Action Bronson's flows. There's a great Phil Mickelson commercial spot, and a CBS-FM oldies radio clip that sounds appropriately lush. Party Supplies does a really nice job going back and forth between silly up-tempo samples and slower soulful funky samples that keep the energy going. He's got a great sense of timing and juxtaposition that keep the record entertaining all the way through.

"Through The Eyes Of A G" featuring Ab-Soul uses the Quincy Jones "Summer in the City" organ sample that was famously on Pharcyde's 1993 hit "Passin' Me By" and Ab-Soul teases the classic vocal melody. The next song, "Contemporary Man" has a really hilarious use of '80s samples beginning with Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" followed by Phil Collins' "Sussudio," John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane," Collins' "Another Day In Paradise" and then some more obscure stuff that I'm not familiar with. '80s pop samples on a modern hip-hop track can be a difficult thing to execute, but these guys get it right.

Mac Miller brings the weird on "Twin Peugots" and calls out Viacom. One of the more peculiar guest spots is on "Rolling Thunder" when Bronson features on his own track. Rumors have it that this is because Cam'Ron was asked to guest on the track, but that never came through. Truth be told, most hip-hop fans today would rather get more Bronson in their diet anyway.

Blue Chips 2 tracklist:

01. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Silverado (2:00)
02. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Intro (Feat. Big Body Bes) (1:02)
03. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Pepe Lopez (1:43)
04. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - The Don's Cheek (2:57)
05. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - It Concerns Me (3:43)
06. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Practice (2:43)
07. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Jackson & Travolta (Feat. Meyhem Lauren) (4:04)
08. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Through The Eyes Of A G (Feat. Ab-Soul) (2:59)
09. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Contemporary Man (4:08)
10. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Twin Peugots (Feat. Big Body Bes & Mac Miller) (3:18)
11. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Man & The Mirror (1:17)
12. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Midget Cough (2:28)
13. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - It's Me (2:20)
14. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Flip Ya (Feat. Retchy P) (2:18)
15. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - 9.24.13 (Feat. Big Body Bes) (5:11)
16. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Rolling Thunder (Feat. Action Bronson) (3:34)
17. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - Amadu Diablo (1:43)
18. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - In The City (Feat. Jeff Woods) (3:36)
19. Action Bronson & Party Supplies - I Adore You (1:59)

Source: LiveMixTapes

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