"Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow" - Asaad ft Ab-Soul [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics + Free Download]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published March 25, 2014

Ever since Kanye West name-dropped the 1973 film Holy Mountain as an inspiration for his Yeezus tour, fanboys everywhere have been rushing to familiarize themselves with the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky, the film's director. One of those fanboys might have been Philadelphia rapper Asaad (formerly known as Saudi Money), who just released a track called "Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow." Listen to the Ab-Soul-assisted cut above, and scroll down for the lyrics.

Surprisingly, "that Alejandro Jodorowsky flow" isn't the most specific type of flow mentioned by Asaad in the song. That title would have to go to "that my best man died and I revived him flow," a style of delivery that probably can't be claimed by many rappers, let alone the general public. Ab-Soul also sets out to profess personal struggles, delivering a climactic, hard-hitting couplet about being diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson syndrome and having his longtime girlfriend take her own life in 2012. If you think you've seen some shit, you need to spend some time with Asaad and Ab-Soul.

"Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow" was produced by Trox, and it sounds like he sampled some version of the song "What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul," which was written by Bill Monroe, and has been performed by The Monroe Brothers, Doc Watson, The Carter Family and others.

This Thursday, Asaad will release his Flowers II mixtape, which will include "Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow." Stay tuned for that. Hear more of Ab-Soul's music right here on Zumic, and check out the lyrics to "Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow" below.

Asaad ft Ab-Soul "Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow" lyrics:

What would you give in exchange for your soul?

Silencers on my quiet gun
The cruelest nightmare's what my life's become
When I say I got bodies, know I got more than one
The first time was stupid, the second is the important one
Rainy days are special, especially when somebody died
Brother's retaliation fueled by a mother's cry
Fuck with me, have your body covered in lie
And I'll be cheesin' hard like I don't know why
I'm blatantly underrated, they hated and labelled crazy
North Philly baby, never turn my back on who made me
And I'm really in the field, and brewskie my only mentor now
Niggas ran from me 'cause they couldn't calm my temper down
Niggas turned their back on me, what's up with all these fake friends?
Only created Saudi Money 'cause I had to make ends
It only hurts if you casued it, and that's the sad part
Parkside mark, very scary in the dark, what?


[Hook: Asaad]
This that Alejandro Jodorowsky flow
Two accidents in a year and I survived 'em, no?
This that my best man died and I revived him flow
Young god, got bodied, move your body flow

The black rose that rose out of the asphalt
Probably find a filet mignon in my trash talk
Frontin' on the back blocks with a black glock
I never let the mack pop like a laptop
Or lipstick, asshole, dipshit
Cold hearted mami move her body on my big stick
Religious rhetoric, spiritual innuendoes
Monetary monster, money blowin' in the window
Peekin' out my mental window, indo blowin' strong
Circa 1987, Kreesha birthed the Don
Uh, Jesus Christ, I'm such a pompous pilot
Catch you in the crosshairs then wash my hands in silence
I still think about Prospect from time to time
A lot of my guys did time, I won't cry to God this time
Just take it with a grain of salt like a margarita
Alien homosapien, it's nice to meet ya


[Hook: Ab-Soul]
This that Alejandro Jodorowsky flow
Caught that virus when I was ten, but I survived it though
This the love of my life died, I'm still ridin' though
Young god, got bodied, move your body flow




Source: Saudi Money Official SoundCloud Page

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