"All You Can Eat" - Steel Panther [Spotify Official Album Stream]

Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published March 30, 2014


LA's foremost neo-hairmetal rockers have premiered their new album ahead of its April 1st release date and like everything Steel Panther does, the new album is a balls-out butt rock extravaganza. The aptly-titled All You Can Eat is full of ridiculous, sexy anthems and show-stopping guitar riffs. Listen above.


The record kicks off with "Pussywhipped," which -- like most of their songs -- is exactly what it sounds like. The lyrics are sophomoric at best, but perhaps the point is to make fun of their '80s predecessors. Or perhaps it's better not to read too much into and just laugh. The previously-heard "Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World" follows, kicking the record into high gear. The song is a party rock triumph, which is appropriate considering the absolutely nuts music video released last year.

The bodily fluid-based jokes keep coming with "Gloryhole" and "Bukkake Tears," two tracks with riffage hardcore enough to distract you from the lyrics. "Bukkake" is a pseudo-romantic ballad with no attempt at subtlety, but it's hard not to laugh at lines like, "There was so much love on your face, I couldn't see the tears."

The mature content continues with "Gangbang At The Old Folks Home," a drum-heavy rocker dedicated to the pursuit of octogenarian orgies. What Steel Panther lack in nuance, they more than make up for in shameless hilarity and remarkably talented playing. The driving "Ten Strikes You're Out" comes next, a break-up song with a Motörhead-inspired guitar lick leading the way. Next, singer Michael Starr belts out a tribute to his own staggering beauty in "The Burden Of Being Wonderful," a cello and synth-heavy narcissistic love song.

The imagery of "Fucking My Heart in the Ass" makes it almost seem like satire, but you can tell it's one of the more sincere tracks on the record, marked by big sounds all around and two massive, wailing guitar solos. "B.V.S." and "You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk" follow, both lampooning butt rock misogyny with pinpoint precision.

"If I Was King" showcases Panther's lofty ambitions, most of which involve chicks, booze, and executing One Direction, before "She's On The Rag" acts as the album's filthy and epic closer. Monstrous drum sounds, multi-layered rock vocals, and killer synths surround the dueling guitars, then the song fades out with our dignity.

You can pre-order All You Can Eat at Amazon. For more music, news, videos, and tour dates from Steel Panther, check out their Zumic artist page.

Steel Panther All You Can Eat tracklist:

1. "Pussywhipped"
2. "Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World"
3. "Gloryhole"
4. "Bukkake Tears"
5. "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home"
6. "Ten Strikes You're Out"
7. "The Burden of Being Wonderful"
8. "Fucking My Heart in the Ass"
9. "B.V.S."
10. "You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk"
11. "If I Was the King"
12. "She's on the Rag"



Source: Steel Panther YouTube Channel


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