AlunaGeorge Live At The Sinclair 9.7.13 [Zumic Review, Photos + Setlist]

Karl-Lydie Jean-Baptiste

by Karl-Lydie Jean-Baptiste

Published September 16, 2013

Two years after “You Know You Like It” made its YouTube debut, London-based R&B electronic duo, AlunaGeorge headlined their first U.S. tour. After selling out two New York shows, vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid, took the stage at Harvard Square’s The Sinclair.


Walking into the venue, I expected a concert, what I got was a dance party. With two opening acts — Boston DJ BREK.ONE and Chicago electronic duo, Supreme Cuts —the night would prove to be anything but a standard concert.

BREK.ONE had the crowd pumped and in a partying mood. Mixing songs like Disclosure’s “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” Ginuwine’s “Pony,” and “Blood On The Leaves” by Kanye West, It was the perfect time to buy your alcoholic beverages in preparation for the night ahead. There was plenty of dancing and singing along.

Supreme Cuts put the crowd in a bass thumping etheral trance. They hovered over their laptops, sampler and drum kits and bounced along to the music. Every so often they’d come up for air and utter inaudible things into the microphone. It felt more like a jam session at a friend’s house. Once that jam session was over, the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived.

Mike Perry of Supreme Cuts

Aluna bounced onto the stage and toward the microphone and straight into “Just A Touch.” She showed off her dance moves as George, the drummer, and bassist played the music. The crowd kept dancing through “Kaleidoscope Love” and “Best Be Believing,” but the music slowed down for “Outlines.”

Once that was out of the way, Aluna very happily let us know it was time to “turn it up” with “You Know You Like It.” The crowd was pretty hyped to hear AlunaGeorge’s singles including “Attracting Flies.” As expected everyone went crazy for “White Noise.” Their live version of was more R&B than Disclosure’s original but the crowd still jumped up and down during the chorus.

George Reid and Aluna Francis

George silently showed off his skills as a producer during a brief singing break. And Aluna showed the crowd that she’s more than a voice by joining George at his table. However, excluding a few moments when Aluna held out the mic for the audience to sing along, there was very little interaction with the crowd.

The night ended with “Your Drums, Your Love” and no encore. There was obviously disappointment amongst the crowd, but all the bases were covered. Every fan-favorite and future favorite was performed. Whether you purchased your ticket months in advance or strolled into The Sinclair that Saturday night, it was money well spent.

Full setlist of the show:

AlunaGeorge Setlist The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, USA 2013
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