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Amanda Whitbeck

by Amanda Whitbeck

Published August 8, 2013




Jane's Addiction just released a new single called "Another Soulmate," their first new material since 2011's The Great Escape Artist. It's a short song at only 2:37, but those two minutes are packed with high energy and melodically catchy music, made even better by the guitar breakdown before the last chorus. Listen to the exclusive audio of "Another Soulmate" here.

As frontman Perry Farrell told Rolling Stone, "Jane's is kind of known for long songs; being this is a one-song single, I thought it'd be interesting to try and write a Beatles-esque short song that would be fast and furious and it would just be fun, dig it and move on, short attention span."

He also described the inspiration behind the song:

Etty had a girlfriend and this girlfriend, as all people do, really wanted a mate, and I think she shortchanged herself an awful lot in life. She's a good-looking woman, she had a career, but when it came to love and romance, she sold herself short all the time and she would reach out to guys that we would scratch our head like, 'What is she doing with this guy?' She said, 'I feel like he's my soul mate.' Any time she'd meet a guy she'd say, 'I feel like he's my soul mate.' So I wrote this song.

Furthermore, Farrell has already thought about the music video for "Another Soulmate." Though it has not yet been filmed, he revealed his plans for the video:

I want to make something that would go viral; you can have a sense of humor and a creative young man or woman and put together a video. I said, 'Think about the dating services, how wacky they are. Let's do a parody of [an] online dating service: quick, simple, inexpensive, hilarious and compelling. So that's what we're doing. I think it needs visual stimulation to go along with it.

Jane's Addiction is going on tour with Alice In Chains and Coheed And Cambria as part of the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival. The tour kicks off tomorrow (Friday, August 9th) in Pennsylvania and ends in California in mid-September. The band will use "Another Soulmate" as their centerpiece song during their upcoming shows.

"Another Soulmate" will be available on October 15th.

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