"Back to Soft" - Coke Weed [Free Album Stream]

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published July 17, 2013

Coke Weed are set to release their album Back to Soft on July 23. In advance of the official release, they've made the album available as a free stream online via Soundcloud and Spin.

In this current era where young "Indie Rock" bands have turned toward drum machines (with no soul), electronic keyboards (that take no talent to play), and boring singer-songwriters who spout nonsense, it's become fashionable for musicians and critics to say things like "Rock is dead" or "We're saving Rock and Roll." What a load of crap.

Bands like Coke Weed are proof that Rock is alive and well. First of all, they sound good. The guitars are sludgy, but there's also a nice harmonic shimmer - especially on the exceptional lead parts. Back to Soft brings to mind bands like Neil Young & Crazy Horse and the Velvet Underground, with hard driving songs that have a sort of pre-punk swagger. The Velvet Underground comparison is reinforced by the male female dual vocalists that are laid back and settling into a nice groove without trying too hard. You can also hear more modern rock sounds by bands like The Pixies and Pavement, with an element of unpredictability. This is an album with a classic '60s / '70s rock sound that's fun but also somber. Listening to the album, you can close your eyes and imagine a sweaty rock show in a dive bar or an underground club.

Beyond the sound, this is a band that has a great energy about them. The name "Coke Weed" isn't exactly clever and certainly won't endear them to the mainstream media, but it represents what the band is: a hard partying group that plays psychedelic music that's meant to make you feel a roller coaster of feelings and emotions.

Click here to check out the store at Coke Weed's official website

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