"Bad News" - Helmet [Official Lyric Video]

Samir Maraj

by Samir Maraj

Published October 6, 2016

After six years, Helmet have returned with the a new song, "Bad News," that will serve as the first single off a new album "Dead to the World."

The song finds frontman Page Hamilton in classic form, belting out the lyrics amidst a chugging guitar riff. "Bad News" also showcases a softer, more refined sound than the cut-throat, bombastic technicality found on Meantime or Betty.

The band itself has gone through numerous lineup changes over the years, the most recent being bassist Dave Case replacing Jon Fuller in 2010 before the release of their most recent album Seeing Eye Dog.

Does "Bad News" signify a change in sound for the underground post-hardcore legends? We will find out as Dead to the World is set for release on October 28. Pre-order it right now on Amazon.

Source: earMusic YouTube

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