"Barstool Warrior" - Dream Theater [YouTube Animation Video]

Prog rock masters share video for 'Distance Over Time' track
Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published August 21, 2019

Dream Theater have shared a trippy animated music video for "Barstool Warrior," a track from their 2019 album Distance Over Time. Watch above on YouTube.

Since their start in 1985, Dream Theater have amazed people with their technical prowess and unique songwriting. Few bands have been as successful, combining elements of hard rock and progressive metal with imaginative storytelling lyrics. "Barstool Warrior" highlights these skills with ripping solos, dynamic drums, lush keys, and passionate vocals.

Guitarist John Petrucci explained the meaning behind the song in a statement shared by Blabbermouth:

"Barstool Warrior" is a fictional tale about two characters, unrelated but connected in their lament over being stuck in dead-end situations.
 The first is a local townie, alcoholic who never escaped the humdrum of his sleepy, maritime village. The second, a woman trapped in an abusive relationship trying to survive from day to day while questioning what makes her stay.
 Both are able to reimagine their lives and find the courage to embrace a better future by embodying the person they dream of being.

Distance Over Time is available on Amazon.

The band will embark on a North American tour beginning in September. For concert tickets and more, check out Dream Theater's Zumic artist page.

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