Bill Stevenson Says The Descendents Are Making A New Record

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published August 6, 2013




In a July interview with Under The Gun, Bill Stevenson -- sound engineer extraordinaire and drummer for The Descendents, ALL, FLAG, and formerly Black Flag -- disclosed a few details about the Descendents' upcoming record, among other things.

According to Stevenson, the new album is underway, but in "embryonic stages." After telling UTG that they were recording a new album, he went on to say:

I have my studio, The Blasting Room, Stephen lives in Tulsa, and he has a studio too. Milo even has a real small recording apparatus in his basement. Karl still lives by me. So I went in a couple of weeks ago and recorded, so we got 11 songs done, just the drums. We’ll be passing those around, Stephen will be putting guitars on ‘em, Karl will be putting bass on ‘em, Milo will be singing on ‘em. We’ll get rolling but it’s not gonna be like “Oh it’ll be done in a month!” It’s gonna take us several months.




When pressed for an actual release timeframe, he said, "I can only give you the most useless of estimates. I figure it’s going to take us every bit of 6 months to finish it. Maybe it would come out in nine months? That doesn’t really mean anything really. We’ll finish it as soon as we can."

This record will be their first since 2004's Cool To Be You. The rest of the interview is available over at Under The Gun, so be sure to check it out. Some highlights from the conversation, in which he talks about his health, FLAG, coffee, and bands he likes:

Can you tell me about the recent FLAG situation?

That got really confusing quickly. So originally, Me, and Chuck, and Keith, we played a few songs at a Descendents show about a year and a half ago or something and we had fun doing it, so we thought, let’s play a few shows and also get Dez (Cadena) in there with us. We had me and Chuck (Dukowski) and Keith (Morris) and Dezo and Stephen (Egerton) playing guitar, we were trying to figure out what to call it because we didn’t really wanna call it Black Flag because Black Flag has been kind of permeated and bastardized and I think Black Flag’s good name has been disgraced and dishonored a lot of times in the last 20 years. We just decided to call it Flag so people would know that it was us. You can let the other thing Greg and whoever else he’s playing with, let them call themselves Black Flag and shoulder the responsibility of hopefully being a good band. I’m not sure how that’s all working out. For us it’s just a fun thing so we called it Flag but didn’t call it Black Flag.

(Note: The interview was done before the announcement of the lawsuit from Greg Ginn.)

How is your health now? Are you feeling well?

I feel great, dude, amazing. Also, I don’t want to get into the big long history, I also had a Craniotomy, where they removed a brain tumor, also kinds of other things, but I’ve defeated it all. I haven’t defeated it but I’ve just been blessed and lucky and it’s all gone. I have my health back.

Is there any new music that you’re into?

When you get towards 50 new becomes a “relative term.” New for me is like, “Well did it come out in the last four or five years?” You’re not going to talk to this guy about Charlie Parker right now, you’re not that stupid. I like the new A Wilhelm Scream record a lot. They’re just so good. A Wilhelm Scream sounds like five bands playing at one time. What’s in my radio right now? Sometimes it can just be new or new to me, I just got turned onto this band called Café Tacvba and they’re from Mexico and they do all this crazy music. Dez turned me on to them, it’s new to me, but it’s not new. I like some of the songs on that new Bouncing Souls record, I like that song “Baptized” but the one I really like is “Fast Times.” I love that song plus they let me sing on the chorus. I love those guys. We had a great time. It was a good year that way. I got to do the holy trilogy of the Souls, Hot Water Music and the Alkaline Trio all in one year. It was cool.

Are there any other grounds that we need to cover?

Well, do you know where there is any good, strong coffee around here?




Live photos courtesy of D. Skank Photography

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