"Birds of England" - The Flatliners [YouTube Official Music Video]

Evan Petersen

by Evan Petersen

Published March 26, 2014

Are The Flatliners a clan of inbred zombie rednecks or are they just an innocent band relaxing in the woods? Watch their new video for "Birds of England" and decide for yourself.

The video sees the band hanging out at a cabin in the woods, playing their songs on the porch and getting along, but as night falls, they each descend into some sinister-looking solo activity. Swinging axes, bloody root vegetables, amateur alchemy, and creepy cosplay all make cameos in the clip, but morning seems to come just the same. Watch above.

And although the song is about time they spent in the UK, they decided to film the video on this side of the pond. They told Noisey:

“Ever since seeing Wayne’s World 2, we’ve realized that it’s far too expensive to fly all the way to England just to film something. So we decided to shoot the thing in Big Bear at a creepy little cabin in the woods with our good friends Jeff Powers and Ben McCambridge. We’ll leave it up to interpretation whether or not there’s a heavy drug trip going on, or if each of us simply lost our minds from serious seclusion.”

"Birds of England" is on Dead Language, which you can buy through Fat Wreck.



Source: Fat Wreck Chords YouTube Channel

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