"Black Sabbeth" - Gonga ft Beth Gibbons of Portishead [Official YouTube Video]

Francesco Marano

by Francesco Marano

Published April 24, 2014

U.K. stoner metal group Gonga have teamed up with Portishead's Beth Gibbons for a chilling cover version of Black Sabbath's song "Black Sabbath," and have playfully renamed it "Black Sabbeth." You can listen to the song and watch the video above.

Beth Gibbon's vocals fit in surprisingly well with the dark atmosphere of the song. The song stays true to the original version while Beth's soft, and sometimes whispered, vocals add a spooky element. The video is from an Italian - French horror film titled I Tre Volti Della Paura that was directed by Mario Bava. Upon release in English, the movie was named Black Sabbath. This clip features spooky, evil-ish characters that could possibly give a 6 year old nightmares. The collaboration of Beth and Gonga fit really well for this song and I think even the most die-hard Sabbath fans would have to agree.

Portishead have a few dates lined up in Europe and are currently clearing their schedule to make way for a new album. For more information about those dates, check out their website. Gonga has a few upcoming shows scheduled in Europe, and you can find more information about those on their bandcamp page.


Source: Gonga YouTube Channel

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