"Calm It Down" - Sisyphus [YouTube Video, Free Download & Lyrics]

Zach Ayer

by Zach Ayer

Published December 19, 2013

Sisyphus, an electronic hip-hop formation from the minds of Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens, and Son Lux, have teased their upcoming self-titled album with a lyric video for the first single, "Calm it Down," alongside an interview with Sufjan about Sisyphus' production.

Sufjan spoke initially about the group's need for a name change after their initial EP release Beak and Claw in 2012.

"s/s/s started to sound like the Nazi Schutzstaffel with a lisp so we had to change it. We wanted a word with three S’s and Sisyphus felt like a capable anti-hero — endless struggle, the human plague, the existential condition. We are all working towards nothing. Also, the apparent futility of this collaboration — a black rapper from Chicago, a white singer-songwriter from Detroit, and an arty producer with cool glasses, though I dunno where Ryan’s from, Cleveland? We have so little in common but we have deep love for each other and we are pushing that stone together."

On the production of the album, Sufjan speaks openly about the struggles that inspire their music. "We are all complicated guys, each with his own identity crisis. I won’t go into details, but it became clear from the start that we were all struggling with identity and that plays a big part in the energy on the album. But it’s clear we had our respective roles, and we tried to occupy them fully and be accountable to our strengths, not fuck around with ego." The diversity of style and upbringing is reflected in "Calm it Down," where each separate part -- Serengeti's low-pitched raps, Son Lux's eclectic beats, and Sufjan's poignant, emotional vocals -- come together to form a concise message.

Sisyphus is due out on March 18th. For now enjoy a free download of "Calm It Down" courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Here's the lyrics for "Calm It Down" as well:

Sisyphus - Calm It Down

When you feel,
Like you just can't stop,
Jumping and bumping,
When you feel,
Like you just can't stop,
Sending telegrams after telegrams
And when you feel,
Like throwing,
All your books in the air,
You need to catch it, just catch it.
When you feel,]Like you just can't stop,
Twisting and turning and burning shit,
You need to calm it down.

And when you feel,
Like you just can't stop,
Chasing your dreams, impossible dreams, impossible dreams,
And when you feel,
Like driving your car,
Into a telephone pole, just stop it.
And when you feel,
Like fucking shit up,
Let's fuck shit up,
Let's fuck shit up,
Let's fuck shit up.
And when you feel,
Like you just can't stop,
Talking shit about each other, all the time,
You need to calm it down.

When your fists don't fly,
When your grips don't got,
When your twerps don't tweek,
When your perps don't peek,
When your hips don't dip,
And the kicks don't hit,
When your ships don't ship,
When your life don't live,
When your mix don't match,
When your rips don't patch,
When your keys don't lock,
When your beats don't knock,
When your dogs don't bite,
When your bull don't fight,
When your time stands still,
Can you tell me how you feel?

I'm on my own two feet,
But I'm not standing upright.
Mine is the pressure,
Mine is the pain.

Was it the drugs I take?
Was it ambitious outbreak?
Mine is the fury,
Mine is the gain.

Shall I account for peace?
Shall I resist it my way?
Minus the glory,
Minus the praise.

Now that I feel the shame,
I've got every reason to persuade.
Minus the problem,
Minus the pain.


Source: Sisyphus' Youtube Channel Asthmatic Kitty Records
Via: Pitchfork

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