"Cat Food" & "Bug Zapper" - Aesop Rock [SoundCloud Audio Stream + Lyrics]

Noah Elwell

by Noah Elwell

Published January 6, 2015




<blockquote>At night I wear a wolf's head on my regular head
Considering a regular character sketch
Food hoarder, communes with the flora
Computes in cahoots with beauty and brute force
I've got a brand new normal at a thirty in New York, plus
Years at the fire pulling portions out of corn husks
Never mind time on the short bus
Terrifying errant knights thwarting any motherfucking fork tongued-sport
Agita flashing the hind molars, though his body less a weapon more a bag of lipomas
Over medium, treat skin-tags like scratch-offs
Rap like black-ops, rappers like lap dogs
He got the rad moves, catty alpha rat-proof (wait)
Twenty-sided die at the crap-shoot (wait)
Looking for a black hole to casually collapse through
Try isle nine by the cat food
There it is
Ooh wee, do we roast in a bilge, when the skinny from afar is darigold in them hills
Time better let a couple truths decay, if somebody going to rue the day
Check, check, check

Catch 'em on the lamb
(I ain't joking)
No maps, no muster point
(Nah, I ain't joking)
I put a pebble on a tomb
(I ain't joking)
Makin bath tub meth
I'm joking
Here we go

The whip got a tongue and teeth
Too tough, two blood-shot eyes with a Tungston bleep
When any putrefying arrow wants your lungs in reach
I field a vessel going zero to the fuck y'all think
And when your function fails I'm on an undisclosed island
Stroking exotic animals, open up rocket science
Leaning a jewellers loupe over a stolen sock 'o diamonds
Palm-made products a portrait of modern triumph, try us
Back at the battering ram post-haste
Cro-mags, wait till this Saturday plant grow legs
All you hear is intimate and code names
Ricochet around the geometry of a closed space
Unfrozen part of his new day-o
Face of divine evil, heart of Camu Tao
Some people find the daylight to be oddly alluring
I was in the dark, dodging and burning

Maybe cause I look like an ugly doll
(I ain't joking)
Pack a wallop in the wheelhouse
(Nah, I ain't joking)
Leave brass tax everywhere
(I ain't joking)
I own many many homes
I'm joking
Here we go

All hog to we know costume
Black hoodie you can set your watch to
Tall drink, depths like an air raid
Radically detach with purveyors of the hair-brain
Down with the ship go a dozen fried wild links
Upperway, upper-case tri-state style kings
Get pie-faced, sent home tied to the sinewaves
Lights off, spine on sideways
Riding down the block, scooping Bobby in a boogie-down
Tome told me tell 'em "Hello, 7:30 noodle-town"
Cool 'em down, global domination over sold bake
Situation commanding a broke dude cosplay
You don't want a meeting on an off-day trading horror stories from the hollows
The summary is as follows:
"These hate those and this thinks, that's absurd"
Yip yap, y'all cats and birds

Meow meow meow meow meow
(I ain't joking)
Talking rubes on the radio
(Nah, I ain't joking)
Uh, suckers never play me
(I ain't joking)
I found Jimmy Hoffa's body
I'm joking
Here we go</blockquote>




<blockquote>The first step is a doozie, it’s roulette with a mood ring
The birth of an old slang, the death of a new speak
A permanent post-game, a spitter with bridge trolls
Skirting the coatpate, divvy the death toll
Maneuverable codenames, alerted and mobile
Familiar rising, and furnacing cold piles
Resilient style kings, impossibly tantrum
Watering wild things, obelisk phantoms
On linoleum or lava, leaders of a leadfoot fauna
His left source blunt force trauma
Not pillar but a commune, a splinter of the pagan
Who vote off the elusiveness of truth and exultation
From the point of view of students labeled putrid little aphids
By the beautiful and cryogenic stasis
Sadists, meanwhile bakers of a hideous whatnot
Committed to a lowdown Sisyphus up-rock
Or shaving at a truck stop, aging exponentially
Homie, no myth flowers grow where he piss
And I still rode boats outta bottles without abandon
To shrink into the sunset bumping Pachelbel's Canon
Indeed motherfucker, the author of the artistry
May or may not be weeping to an automated pharmacy

Hello. Hello? Shit

Too geeked up to even keep it down
Too peaced out to even be around
Too beat up to even breathe it out
(Too freaked out to even leave your house) x5

You wish you could dance more, I wish you would talk less
My gentleman transformed, to bringers of offed heads
Moments of land war, my Lazarus species
Tattered and bruised up, from back in the cheap seats
Hackers on crew cuts, foam at the mush mouth
Gag at the news truck, notably unsound
Dragging his clammed shoes, food on his moustache
Raggedy hounds tooth, zilch on a bus pass
I’m good, house at the beach of expelled hubcaps
Black lawn, backyard melting into Lovecraft
Bad yarn spun by the hum of the bug zapper
Of kings becoming runners, and runts becoming alphas
And underdogs with posters of a front-side Tony Albo
On sticker laden walls above their uncle’s Bowie albums
Graduate to flyers of an execrated sigil, and live to see another
Sexy generation fizzle
Out, keep rap homely
Bear claw slippers, over-sized Billy Joel tee
Fat-faced, potbelly, neckbeard crow’s feet
Rat nest, gross teeth, pot marks, goatee
I walk with Hawaii on the greenscreen behind me
So even the awkward pauses feel inviting
Standing at a landmark sleep drought keep out
Can’t talk now too freaked out

Aesop Rock returns with two new tracks, "Cat Food" and "Bug Zapper." This is Aesop's first new solo material as an MC since 2012's Skelethon. These were originally released in December as a 7-inch vinyl.

The new tracks are everything we would hope to hear from Aesop Rock: tight production and his legendary vocabulary laid over top. The track "Cat Food" was produced by New York's Blockhead, while "Bug Zapper" was produced by Aesop Rock himself. As a result, each song has it's own unique feel and personality.

Also -- in case you missed it -- check out Aesop Rock's contribution to Busdriver's "Ego Death," right here on Zumic. The song was released last year, and also features a verse by Danny Brown.

Go grab Cat Food on Amazon or iTunes. You can also stream it above, via SoundCloud.

For more music, news, and tour dates, check out Aesop Rock's Zumic artist page.


Source: Rhymesayers SoundCloud

Aesop Rock
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