Charles Hamilton & Rita Ora Interview and Performance on Ebro in the Morning Mar 23, 2015 [YouTube Official Videos]

Natalie Rosario

by Natalie Rosario

Published March 31, 2015

Last Monday morning, Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora visited Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning to do an entertaining interview with Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, as well as to perform their new track "NY Raining." Action Bronson joined in towards the end of the interview to meet Ora and Hamilton for the first time.

Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora Interview on Ebro in the Morning 2015
Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora "NY Raining" Performance on Hot 97

The interview begins with welcoming rapper Charles Hamilton back to the music scene after his hiatus to now working with "A-lister" Rita Ora. Rosenberg ask Hamilton what it's like to be on a huge platform like Fox's Empire after having been missing from the industry for a few years. Hamilton feels like he's "in a better place" after struggling with people turning against him. Rita says she wanted to be a part of his journey because he has stories, emotions, and substance behind him.

Ora is asked if it concerns her that people in the US are unfamiliar with her talents, in turn she explains that she hasn't released an album in the US but she plans to this year. Thus far, Ora has only released "Black Widow" (with Iggy Azalea) and the current single "NY Raining," which was featured on Empire recently. She also just finished shooting two movies and is coaching on The Voice UK.

Action Bronson drops in at the 14-minute mark. Rita and Action, who have been in touch with each other through social media trying to work together, have the connection of both having Albanian roots. Rosenberg was persistent in making a romantic relationship between the two. When asked what Bronson what would cook for Ora if they went out on a date, he responds that he would make a homeland dish like fli. Ora admitted she would be impressed if he did. Both Bronson and Ora went along with the flow and admitted they would want to create an Albanian anthem together before anything.

The interview wraps up with Rosenberg making another connection for the day by introducing Hamilton to one of his heros, The Alchemist. Charles takes a minute to speak out on sensitive subject of police brutality and unarmed suspects. Hamilton emphasizes how critical it is to be socially aware of the world around us.

During the "NY Raining" performance, the talented Hamilton simultaneously plays the piano while he raps deep verses and Ora belts out the chorus. Not only do Ora and Hamilton compliment each others musical styles but they also have an influential bond with one another. Rita says Charles Hamilton "keeps me hungry" through his passion with music.

"NY Raining" is available on Amazon (MP3).

For Rita Ora's latest music, news, and tour dates, check out their Zumic artist page.

Source: HOT 97 YouTube Channel

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