"Cold Day" - Black Milk [SoundCloud Audio & Lyrics]

Patrick Lyons

by Patrick Lyons

Published February 5, 2014

Though it's been less than four months since Black Milk's last release, the great album No Poison No Paradise, he's already back with some new material. "Cold Day" is taken from his EP Glitches in the Break, due out on March 4th, and you can listen to it above.

"Cold Day" is driven by a sample that's been tough to identify. It's been used in several other hip hop songs before, but it seems to be pretty obscure, as nobody online has yet offered up correct identification. Wherever it's from, the bright sample includes soulful vocals and a grooving bassline, both of which counteract Black Milk's depressing tales of life in the ghetto. It's not until the end, when he speaks of Detroit residents that "still crack a summertime smile, in this city more than rough" that we realize the uplifting nature of this song. It's an ode to those dedicated (or desperate) enough to never abandon their hometown, as opposed to more "fair weather" residents, and thusly all of the climate talk in "Cold Day" is a nice touch.

Preorder Glitches in the Break from Black Milk's Bandcamp page, and check out the lyrics to "Cold Day" below. For more Black Milk, check out his most recent video, the dark “Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst.”

Black Milk "Cold Day" lyrics:

I can paint the dawn with a sunrise
I wish I could for you
I can touch a cold day with springtime
I wish I could for you

Cold day in the summer right when you think that it's over
That's when niggas put you under, yeah, the inner city weather
With crooks is always ready, you should walk around with toolies tucked inside they belly bellys
Had a cousin made me lookout to make sure no one was looking
Put the stash in the bag, stash the bag in the bushes
Didn't want me there no either
Fuck rules, took jewels, ran by hood procedures so
He slangin' out his granny house just to stay fresh, didn't want to wear hand-me-downs
The cost of that drama, some money flow, lil' gold plus a couple baby mommas


Yeah, cold day like snow day
Brand new whips and drivin' slowly
Pulled over by them boys in the neighborhood, they ain't know me
Whip's too nice, it might be stolen
He gotta be rolling, you gotta be kidding
Wanna search the ride, nigga, you gotta be sniffing
Only thing inside was a CD with the name on it
Let 'em slide but the next guy might just put the blame on 'em
Ain't nothing changed on that block we used to run 'em up
Some heads left and a few more houses boarded up
They needed more than luck but they still crack a summertime smile
In this city more than rough



Source: Black Milk Official SoundCloud Page

Black Milk
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