"Cold Dead Hand" - Eels & Jim Carrey [Official Video]

Donovan Farley

by Donovan Farley

Published March 25, 2013

No, you did not misread that title. Yes, that's Jim Carrey as Charlton Heston, yes that's the band as John Lennon, Ghandi and Abe Lincoln (all killed by guns), yes this is a political statement, yes it's funny.

No matter what you believe, cheers to Carrey for having the gumption to express his beliefs in with a move that is obviously very polarizing and sure to gain him some negative press (even more than the abomination that was I Love You Philip Morris, which is saying something).  Eels should be fine as I don't think too many gun obsessives are digging on Daises Of The Galaxy, let's be honest. I'll wait while said gun obsessives google Daises Of The Galaxy is so they can complain about it... we good? Alright then, as I was saying...


... the minute this gets picked up by the mainstream media it's libel to go viral, so it's nice to enjoy a little satire before everyone else knee jerks to it. The Mask and the band are none too kind to Moses, so they should expect God's wrath, fire & brimstone or at the very least, Rush Limbaugh's inhuman neck veins bulging in disgust.

"He'd make fun of Toby Keith for writing a pro-gun song, what a New York commie, asshole!!" you might be saying, and that's pretty understandable. But that would be because I write about about music and Toby Keith offends me, not guns.

Via Funny Or Die

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