"Come Here" - Talib Kweli ft. Miguel [Official Video]

Arielle Cruz

by Arielle Cruz

Published May 28, 2013

Talib Kweli released the official video for his single "Come Here" featuring Miguel today on MTV U. This visually stunning video certainly defies hip-hop music video norm. Rather than featuring the stereotypical footage of a rapper in front of a city-scape or a crew of friends, or shots of a singer smoothly serenading a woman on a street corner, Kweli decided to color this particular track with animation. Invoking some Egyptian themes and imagery, one character looks almost identical to Egyptian God Anubis, the video blends past and present with grace and fluidity.

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The video opens on a stone engraved with the words "Talib Kweli Presents," which slowly fades into an image of a stone path. Your eyes quickly move to a pair of long legs, which strut confidently down the path as Miguel's silky voice enters and proceeds to fall gracefully over the beat. Even though the woman the legs are attached to is animated, we can tell that she is beautiful. She stops walking when she reaches a throne, and sits there, looking impatiently at her cell phone every few seconds (which she texts on using hieroglyphics.)

The rest of the video switches between shots of this woman and the man she is waiting for, with some trippy green smoke and eyeball-worm creatures slithering in between. Color and reality become more and more fluid as the video continues, and, by the end, your eyes are almost spinning as much as Anubis'. This video definitely is worth a watch if you have four minutes to spare.

"Come Here" was released on Talib Kweli's latest album Prisoner of Conscious on May 7th.

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