Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Announce Live Box Set of 1974 Tour

Sydnie Aldrich

by Sydnie Aldrich

Published May 30, 2014

Folk rock group Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have revealed that after years of grueling effort and disagreement, they are releasing a live box set of their 1974 reunion tour. Hear an exclusive recording of "Almost Cut My Hair" above.

It took the band a while to agree on how they would compile their best tracks from a notoriously difficult tour, where they admit they dealt with drug-related issues and constant quarreling. Thankfully, though, the tour happened when Neil Young was experimenting with new, unofficial material like "Goodbye Dick" -- written after Nixon resigned from office.

Graham Nash tells Rolling Stone:

This is the most difficult project I've ever done in my recording life. That's largely because of other people's agendas and trying to please four people at the same time. It only took us a year to actually do the physical work, but it took three or four years to get that work together... It was a very challenging tour. We tried to keep our spirits up and keep ourselves focused as a band, but with all the chaos going on and the distractions and the drugs, I'm amazed we got away with what we did, quite frankly.

The box set will feature either three audio CDs and a bonus DVD or an exclusively audio Blu-Ray disc and the bonus DVD. A limited edition deluxe version is also available. See the track listing below.

The set is scheduled for release on July 8th. Pre-order it on Amazon.


Disc One – First Set

1. "Love The One You’re With"
2. "Wooden Ships"
3. "Immigration Man"
4. "Helpless"
5. "Carry Me"
6. "Johnny’s Garden"
7. "Traces"
8. "Grave Concern"
9. "On The Beach"
10. "Black Queen"
11. "Almost Cut My Hair"

Disc Two – Second Set

1. "Change Partners"
2. "The Lee Shore"
3. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
4. "Our House"
5. "Fieldworker"
6. "Guinevere"
7. "Time After Time"
8. "Prison Song"
9. "Long May You Run"
10. "Goodbye Dick"
11. "Mellow My Mind"
12. "Old Man"
13. "Word Game"
14. "Myth Of Sisyphus"
15. "Blackbird"
16. "Love Art Blues"
17. "Hawaiian Sunrise"
18. "Teach Your Children"
19. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"

Disc Three – Third Set

1. "Déjà Vu"
2. "My Angel"
3. "Pre-Road Downs"
4. "Don’t Be Denied"
5. "Revolution Blues"
6. "Military Madness"
7. "Long Time Gone"
8. "Pushed It Over The End"
9. "Chicago"

Bonus DVD

1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
2. "Almost Cut My Hair"
3. "Grave Concern"
4. "Old Man"
5. "Johnny’s Garden"
6. "Our House"
7. "Déjà Vu"
8. "Pushed It Over The End"

Single CD Track Listing

1. "Love The One You're With"
2. "Wooden Ships"
3. "Immigration Man"
4. "Helpless"
5. "Johnny's Garden"
6. "The Lee Shore"
7. "Change Partners"
8. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
9. "Our House"
10. "Guinevere"
11. "Old Man"
12. "Teach Your Children"
13. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"
14. "Long Time Gone"
15. "Chicago"
16. "Ohio"

Starbucks Exclusive (US & Canada) Track Listing

1. "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
2. "Change Partners"
3. "The Lee Shore"
4. "Johnny’s Garden"
5. "Guinevere"
6. "Our House"
7. "Prison Song"
8. "Old Man"
9. "Blackbird"
10. "Hawaiian Sunrise"
11. "Teach Your Children"
12. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes"


Source: Rolling Stone

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