Dave Grohl Resurrects Previously Unheard BL'AST! Recordings From 1985

Michael Charboneau

by Michael Charboneau

Published July 5, 2013


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has mixed a handful of long-lost tapes recorded by '80s hardcore band BL'AST!. The recordings will be made into an album of new material, entitled Blood!, and will be released through Southern Lord Records sometime in September.

Blood! marks the end of a very long journey for the rare tapes, and brings new life to a band that broke up over twenty years ago. According to Southern Lord Records, Mike Neider, former guitarist for BL'AST!, discovered the old tapes rotting away in a storage locker. After Neider contacted Southern Lord about his discovery, the label quickly digitized the tapes, which had deteriorated significantly over the years. Dave Grohl, a "longtime BL'AST! fiend," enthusiastically accepted Southern Lord's offer to mix the recordings. When Grohl set to work on the recordings at his 606 Studios, he realized they were from an unheard, never released recording session from the mid-80s.

The results were better than anyone expected. Southern Lord calls the tracks "vibrant, unique and fresh," and despite the age of the original tapes, Grohl's studio magic gave the finished product great sound quality. Take a listen to the short sample of the record, via Ultimate Guitar.


Dave Grohl
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